Kermit Johnson


About Kermit Johnson

Kermit focuses on the specific needs of each buyer and seller to provide a positive, timely Real Estate experience. Kermit moved to Lincoln City in 1984 and uses his extensive knowledge of housing, construction and the Oregon Coast to assist his clients. Becoming a Realtor on the Coast came naturally. Kermit’s years of hands-on familiarity with the properties in the area is of great benefit to anyone moving to the Coast.

Kermit believes that communication is the key to a positive transaction. His definition of success is meeting the goals of the client. Each client is unique, with an individual set of expectations and requirements. Once the client defines those goals, he makes them his own. The client sets the pace and the intensity of the experience.

Kermit is eager to represent each client’s interests but does not feel that his position is to convince any buyer or seller of anything, nor to “sell” anyone on any property. He believes that the process of buying and selling is a team effort, with the client in the lead.

Kermit says “I feel it is my job to make sure that you will be happy with the choice you make. Not to choose for you.” Kermit’s cell number is 541-974-0071 – he invites you to call him to discuss your new property purchase or sale. He is a partner Realtor with his wife, Sarah Johnson.

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