Sarah Johnson

About Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson has been a real estate Principal Broker in the Lincoln City area. She obtained her broker’s license in 2015 and then passed her Principal Broker’s license 3 years later.

Sarah came to the Coast in 2014. Before choosing her forever home, there were a lot of homes in numerous countries and states in her background. She was raised by two tropical ecologists (Dad is a Marine Biologist and Mom is a Tropical Botanist), which influenced her life immensely. She spent her early years in West Africa, Europe and Central America – spending time in tropical forest research stations and universities across the globe from a very young age. Her adult life saw her sailing in Santa Barbara, California and planning and training for a circumnavigation until her first child was born… then the plan changed to living in Costa Rica for 5 years with her young family (a son and a daughter), while managing a beachfront eco-tourism resort at the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Sarah returned to the US and founded a successful marketing firm in Boise, Idaho – and began breeding Texas longhorn cattle about 50 miles outside of town. While managing the marketing firm (Reliable Leads Inc.), and running the small-scale ranch operation, Sarah also opened an online business buying and selling Western antiques. The children grew up and Sarah’s first husband passed away from complications resulting from his cancer treatment.

Sarah met and married her husband, Kermit, and moved to Lincoln City. Kermit had first moved to Lincoln City in 1984 and was ready to move back. Sarah’s extensive real estate and banking marketing experience came in very handy in her new chosen career and Dennis Regen, owner of Taylor & Taylor Realty in Lincoln City – established in 1978 – offered her a position as broker. About a year later, business was growing at a very fast pace, and Sarah asked Kermit, then a licensed contractor, to join her in the growing real estate business, which he did. Team Johnson Real Estate was founded.

Kermit divides his time between supporting Sarah in their real estate business and managing their home, a sweet riverfront acreage in Rose Lodge, Little Coast Farm. The farm is a producer of locally distributed organically grown open-pollination vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit following a strict philosophy of no-spray / organic fertilizer and chemical-free weed and pest control.

Sarah has worked hard and earned the titles of Principal Broker in the State of Oregon, Top Producer for the Taylor & Taylor Office (2019, 2020) #3 Producer 2021 and #2 Producer 2022. She uses Zillow as a review hub for clients to leave feedback for others to use when they are choosing representation and client reviews remain stellar.

Sarah takes pride in continuing her education at every opportunity. She is currently enrolled in Real Estate University, sponsored by the National Association of Realtors. She uses these educational opportunities to enlarge her expertise in specific areas of negotiation, marketing, e-commerce, technology, valuation, listing and transaction precision in an ever-changing market. Sarah is also a frequent provider of market analyses for Oregon Coast Bank and contributes her knowledge to news outlets, accountants and estate planners by answering questions regarding current real estate MARKET TRENDS at the Coast.

In all areas of her business, Sarah does her best to listen and guide according to the wishes and needs of her clients. She understands that being able to represent at the highest level in real estate is the product of experience, education, and personal commitment to excellence; however, she also knows that your choice to work with her is yours alone – and she is grateful for your patronage.